Ask 5: A community safe from road danger and traffic harm

Even if we achieve all our other asks, we will still face road danger. Southwark must strive to achieve a vision of zero fatal and serious road casualties by reducing motor vehicle speeds and improving the safety of our streets, particularly at junctions, where most incidents occur. The borough wide 20mph speed limit should be extended to all TfL roads and proper street design and enforcement should guarantee it is adhered to across the borough.

Our Ask

We are asking Southwark to make our streets safer by:

  • Limiting all streets in Southwark to 20mph. This must be accompanied by enforcement, including through Community Road Watch, and street design to facilitate the limit
  • Ensuring all junctions in Southwark are safe, along desire lines, and with enough time to cross
  • In addition to increasing provisions for walking and cycling, working with TfL to bring in other traffic reduction measures, including increased public transportation

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